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I'm honored you're here.

If you’ve arrived at Symbolik, then likely you are curious about the meaning of your life and passionate about making your unique mark on the world.


You may already be pursuing self-development practices such as yoga, meditation, exercise and personal or business coaching. Or you may have no idea where to start! Either way, I can help you find the mind + body + spirit tools to create your unique universe.


Seeking instant insight?

Discover your life’s highest expression through a personal astrology chart reading based on your individual birth date, birth time, and birth place. The astrology chart reveals the genius of your zodiac archetype as well as enlightenment in the areas of career, romance, money, family and health. We will forecast changes in your life ahead according to planetary shifts, accompanied by a practical calendar of when those changes will occur which allows you to plan for finding the right job, house, partner or big idea. Discover your path and set the right intentions. Discover My Path.


Seeking to achieve a goal?

The key to manifesting intentions hinges on the decisive action that accompanies thoughtful contemplation. You can use jewelry as symbolic adornment which reminds you to honor specific goals and express outwardly your inner spirit. Select handmade crystal jewelry crafted by me to help guide you based on the spiritual qualities you intend to manifest or based on your zodiac archetype. Wear your wisdom in a way that is modern, meaningful, and stylish. Manifest My Intentions.


Seeking energy balance?

Move in alignment with nature’s rhythms to complement your own. AstroloChi classes combine astrology-based asanas on the yoga mat for each zodiac sign along with a personalized planetary forecast for the month ahead, blessing ceremony, and guided meditation. By working with nature’s rhythms you will experience less stress and a more coherent life. Balance My Energy.




Want to know my story?

I'm a spiritualist, creator, and wisdom-seeker devoted to helping you live by divine design so the history of the world can be scripted by your story. Symbolik is my contribution to creating heaven on earth by linking spirituality and luxury so every person can live as their highest self. If you're curious about how to connect with your divine spark and unleash your potential, get guidance on our About Page.

Guru Gossip: I’m an artsy-athletic type with an introspective disposition who loves fashion, fitness, dancing and animals. A classically trained ballerina who has performed with ballet troupes in New York City and Houston, the movement style translates well to what is now my current body craze: pole fitness. In fact, I am a 3-time pole fitness medalist, a 5-time performer with the House Of Blues, and 2017 United States Pole Sport Organization Southwest Champion. I also have a business degree and 8 years of experience in the Executive Coaching industry. When not hanging upside down or talking business with the best, I am at home being the honored servant of my cat Leo- named after his zodiac sign, of course!



Discover the journeys of other Symbolik seekers!

Raising collective consciousness happens first individually, and then communally. I am always amazed at the value of having a tribe to share questions and revelations with. Especially to those who have entrusted me to guide them, I am deeply grateful for the privilege of sharing in the unfolding of their life story.

Wondering what infinite possibilities might be available to you? You are invited to read the stories of other kindred spirits who have mindfully created their universe among our Symbolik community HERE


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