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AstroloChi: Cancer Season + Caregiving Cures

  • Holbalance Holistic Wellness Center 1701 Fairview Street Houston, TX, 77006 United States (map)

Do you trust your instincts? Cancer season awakens our primal subconscious that ensures our survival needs get met and that we are safely protected from distress. If you reflect on the biggest mistakes in life, many of them happen when you’re not paying attention to your real feelings— or worse, when you’re trying to override your gut responses and ignore your instincts. Cancer season unpacks our subconscious, and In this class you’ll learn:

  • Primal intuition possessed by your zodiac sign + what your zodiac sign needs to feel emotionally fulfilled

  • Hidden emotional triggers that may be setting you off course

  • Self-care cures to get your cosmic gut back on track

  • How cosmic weather like Eclipses, Retrogrades and Full Moons affect your emotional health

  • Yoga moves to align your physical energy for Cancer season + a personal horoscope reading from me to guide your decisions in the month ahead

Reserve your spot on the yoga mat by RSVP'ing with your Birth Date (MM/DD/YY), Birth Place (city/state) and Birth Time to guarantee your personal horoscope reading during class via

$45/2 hrs