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AstroloChi: Taurus Season + Money Mantras

  • Holbalance Holistic Wellness Center 1701 Fairview Street Houston, TX, 77006 United States (map)

In this class you'll learn:
• Astrology-based asanas for Taurus season to strengthen your yoga routine.
• Make a 'money tree' exercise to generate more value this month.
• Limiting money beliefs robbing you of a rich life & replacing them with money-making mantras.
• Individualized guidance based on a personal horoscope mini-reading from me.
• Meditation to activate abundance and appreciation in your everyday life.

Is your “money mojo” wealthy or poor? Money is an energy! It is a medium of exchange that tells a story about our self-worth, what we value, and how we feel about giving and receiving. The #1 thing that determines your financial reality is your mindset towards money, and what determines your mindset are the beliefs you hold true. However, most beliefs operate subconsciously and we unknowingly accept them as if they are our reality. The first step toward shifting your financial reality is to reveal and reverse any limiting money beliefs.

Taurus season reminds us that abundance is simply a matter of perspective, and this month’s New Moon enriches the area of your life ripe for recognizing various forms of wealth and harvesting greater prosperity.

*Confirm your spot on the yoga mat by sending your Birth Date (MM/DD/YY), Birth Place (City/State), and Birth Time to to guarantee your astrology chart is ready in advance of the class.*

Class is $45.