AQUARIUS 2018 Horoscope

AQUARIUS (January 20th– February 18th)

Aquarius is the innovator sign of the zodiac. This air sign invents new things or ways of thinking that challenge the status quo, believing that you have to be different to make a difference. Ruled by Uranus, planet of surprise, Aquarians are trend-setters and stand out. Aquarius represents the energy that we each possess to be unique. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Aquarius shakes things up this year.

Feeling perhaps shaken and stirred about their overall life direction, Aquarius seizes opportunities for professional achievement as a first step in gaining more solid ground. Jupiter, the growth planet, elevates the career house encouraging Aquarius to go beyond their comfort zone and take calculated risks at work in 2018. Aquarius may wonder, however, if they are in the right location for pursuing these ambitions so the question of place-finding might arise. It could also be that family support is withdrawn from Aquarius’ career ambitions, or that inherent in chasing dreams you withdraw family focus.

Meanwhile, Aquarius cannot ignore the burning question of what role love could play in their life. This is especially true for the single Aquarius. There are dating opportunities this year, but not likely a formal commitment as the cosmic innovator is juggling too many other priorities. Meeting someone in another location is also a possibility, and would add to the juggling act.

For the involved Aquarius, stress within a relationship mirrors stress within yourself. As you struggle to redirect your internal compass this year, a partner may feel neglected or you feel that the partnership restricts freedom to be who you really are. Only when your internal direction is finally calibrated will be able to make a plan about the relationship.

Wondering about life’s collective future possibilities emerges around Superbowl week and heightens around Valentine’s week. The February 15th Solar Eclipse heralds the first time this year that Aquarius feels somewhat confident about being assertive in career, love or family matters. The springtime eclipse electrifies Aquarius’ excitement about choosing some direction, then seeing how it plays out into summer.  

July and August put Aquarius in the cosmic hotseat as Mars and Mercury- the action and strategy planets, respectively- both go Retrograde or backwards. Plans established in early springtime may go out the window entirely, or at least endure serious reconstruction. This may be especially true regarding choices of location or romance. Pay close attention around the July 27th Lunar Eclipse. Career choices take their turn at being tousled at year’s end during October and November.

Aquarius may feel the weight of the world is on their shoulders, but carry it quietly behind the scenes. Aquarius is feeling pressure to live up to expectations- real or imagined- in career, romance and family. 2018 is not the year for making hard commitments, but rather for exploring flexible options that inch you towards an exciting future- even if it is a bit unknown.

Overall, Aquarius paves a unique trail this year. To help foster their Innovation + Individuality, Aquarius can include seafoam Fluorite gemstone in their daily ritual. Fluorite gemstone heightens mental acumen to encourage original thinking, and is good for anyone intending to break the mold:  

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