CANCER 2018 Horoscope

CANCER (June 22nd-July 22nd)

Cancer is the nurturance sign of the zodiac. This Moon-ruled water sign is emotionally attuned to the feelings of others, devoting its energy to maintaining a sense of tribe and creating a safe home nest for people who feel like family. Cancer represents the energy that we each possess to foster and protect. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Cancer will seek more security this year.

Saturn, the responsibility planet, locks in on the partnership house from 2018-2021 solidifying Cancer’s desire to establish a serious relationship or to increase the investment in an existing relationship over the next three years. In fact, there may have already been relationship activity emerging as soon as holiday season 2017.  

Cancer is the ultimate nester, clicking best with a partner whom enjoys domestic activities such as staying in together to cook, watch movies, entertain at home, is helpful with household chores, good at decorating or fixing things up. You may come from a strong family heritage that you wish to perpetuate through the next generation, or perhaps felt abandoned or alienated by your birth family and therefore seek to heal through a partnership that renews the family concept in a unique way different from your past experiences. Cancer typically holds a soft-spot for pet companions as it gives them something to take care of at home.

The single Cancer may feel that financial and career matters must be stabilized before welcoming a prospective partner into their life. It is possible, too, that ongoing family situations which require attention keep them too busy for the dating scene. Careful not to get carried away with excuses as to why the crab cannot come out of it’s shell, in which case it will never be the right time for romance. 2018 is excellent timing to begin a new romance that might become quite serious in 2020.

The involved Cancer wants greater commitment such as getting married, buying a home, or making a significant financial purchase together. If a relationship is rocky, Cancer might start separating shared property and eventually begin unraveling the relationship during the second half of this year.

The New Year’s time frame may have been marked by an unusual occurrence in Cancer’s love life, or highlighted a sense of loneliness. Superbowl week and Valentine’s week foreshadow turning points in money & property that will become significant by July/August. Pay extra attention to both relationship and material matters around the July 13th Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign. October/November/December 2018 may repeat romantic or health issues from Fall 2017.

Overall, Cancer craves material security and a stable companion this year. To help energize the qualities of Nurturance + Loyalty, Cancer can include white Moonstone gemstone in their daily ritual. Moonstone gemstone amplifies the tenderness of Cancer, and is good for anyone intending to guard what their heart holds most precious:

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