CAPRICORN 2018 Horoscope

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 19th)

Capricorn is the leadership sign of the zodiac. Marked by strong ambition and blessed with longevity, this earth sign is typically very successful. Ruled by responsible planet Saturn, Capricorn works to steadily advances its life position. Capricorn represents the energy that we each possess to achieve. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Capricorn establishes itself this year.

Saturn, the responsibility planet, enters your zodiac sign where it encourages Capricorn to become the authority on their own life from 2018-2021. As the natural planetary governess of Capricorn, Saturn’s return to your sign in the sky makes its influence even stronger. Over the next three years Capricorn wants to become master of their universe by making serious investments in relationships, career, family and location. Look ahead to 2020 as being the culminating year for Capricorn’s efforts when three planets- resourceful Saturn, powerhouse Pluto and lucky Jupiter- all meet up in your sign.

Feeling successful is a prerequisite for Capricorn’s peace of mind, so professional recognition and financial security must come first before this practical earth sign can give attention to more emotional matters. This year, Capricorn begins stocking their asset pool by growing their strategic social connections. Joining professional organizations, attending networking conferences, broadening their friendship circle, or perhaps even beginning to date someone who is well-connected are all ways that Capricorn may begin positioning themselves for advancement.

Considerations about money and property arise around February and again in July-August. This involves Capricorn’s individual assets or income sources, as well as your material involvements with another person or outside institution (such as a bank, employer, fund etc).

For the single Capricorn, 2018 is excellent for socializing with larger groups that share common interests as a strategy for making possible romantic connections. Join a fitness club, take a group class, or get an online dating app. Leverage the ‘friend-of-a-friend’ or ‘six-degrees-of-separation’ concept for meeting a sweetheart. There is great potential for you to be dating this year.

For the involved Capricorn, you are assessing if this relationship is going to be long-term. If so, you are already thinking of ways to increase the shared investment in the union. Soon, the idea of moving, moving in together, or getting married may become relevant. If the relationship is rocky, it will be out the door soon. Capricorn is in forever-mode with Saturn’s influence, so if the relationship is not yielding a good return on investment then initial severs of separation may erode between April-September.

Overall, Capricorn strives to be commander of their destiny this year. To help foster their Ambition + Integrity, Capricorn can include burgundy Garnet gemstone in their daily ritual. Garnet gemstone strengthens the root chakra or energy center where material attainment is stored, and is good for anyone intending to achieve their goals:

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