GEMINI 2018 Horoscope

GEMINI (May 21st– June 22nd)

Gemini is the connector sign of the zodiac. Learning and communicating excite this Mercury-ruled sign who seeks a constant flow of interesting people and experiences. Gemini represents the energy that we each possess to discover. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Gemini ventures to explore this year.

Work routines change as Jupiter, the growth planet, moves into the service house. Gemini might be changing jobs, work schedule or location, adjusting their duties, or experience a change of colleagues. Given that Jupiter just came from the creativity house in 2017, it might be that Gemini is creating more space in their traditional work life for entrepreneurial pursuits, performance opportunities, or seeking more leisure time. There could be an interest in balancing work life with other things. If Gemini is in school, this will be a busy year packed with academic demands.

Especially as it relates to work, Gemini wants to hold the rewards in-hand. Saturn, the responsibility planet, focuses on increasing material security by leveraging other people’s assets over the next three years. Gemini may want to get more tangible returns from their company, a business partner, or sweetheart. If Gemini is pursuing education, they are motivated by hopes of getting a better job or increased pay because of their advanced learning, and are likely balancing a side job while pursuing the coursework.

Business contracts, legal negotiations or pivotal communications help formalize these plans around January/February and July/August. Be alert, however, that some renegotiating or even backing out of previous commitments may be required during June, July and August.

In romance, November-December of this year may repeat experiences from November-December 2017. For the single Gemini, this could imply a surprise message from a former flame who you encountered last holiday season or some strange interactions in the dating arena. For the involved Gemini, important discussions about the direction of the relationship arise.

During 2018 Gemini may also experience a renewed focus on health, wellbeing and balance. It would be wise to incorporate elements of wellness into your daily work life. Alternative healing, natural medicine, a new sport, seeking connection with animals or the outdoors could all be part of Gemini’s changing relationship between their body and the environment.

Overall, Gemini is working to enhance their routine and acts of service in ways that increase wellbeing and bring tangible reward. To help energize their Charisma + Communication, Gemini can include Blue Aventurine gemstone in their daily ritual. Blue Aventurine gemstone enlivens curiosity, and is good for anyone intending to accelerate their ability to think and communicate clearly: 

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