LEO 2018 Horoscope

LEO (July 23rd-August 22nd)

Leo is the creative sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the brightest luminary in our solar system- the Sun- Leo illuminates the imagination and turns possibility into reality. Regal, brave and generous, this fire sign aims to be respected and remembered by doing everything on a grand scale. Leo represents the energy we each possess to take center stage. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Leo will seek to shine this year.

Uranus, the freedom planet, begins its seven-year journey through the career house encouraging Leo to break out of its comfort zone and take professional risks from 2018-2026. Leo wants greater liberty within, or from, a current career track. Place-finding plays a strong role in establishing the roots for Leo’s blossoming career in 2018, so moving, renovating or buying/selling property could figure into the decision. Amid balancing career transformations and location or property considerations, relationship factors also influence the decision.

The January 31st Lunar Eclipse foreshadows the July-August manifestation of goals surrounding career, location/property and relationship. Leo gets a first clue as to what direction things will take around Valentine’s week.

Leo’s love life is the pivot point in July-August when Mars, the warrior planet, goes Retrograde or backwards in the partnership house. Circumstances from the year’s beginning finally crescendo around the August 11th Solar Eclipse.

The single Leo might withdraw from the dating scene or find nil romantic prospects. For the involved Leo, impending decisions about career or location/property may hinge upon the anticipated relationship trajectory, or perhaps hinge upon anticipated changes in the partner’s life. Careful not to let either party store unaired resentment about relationship issues that erupt in passive aggressive behaviors. In challenged unions, a breakup may be possible during this time; otherwise the storm should blow over by September. It may also be that for various reasons a partner relies on you heavily this summer, or vice versa.

Location, home, property and domestic responsibilities require decision-making during fall season. Leo may be inclined to move or move in/out with someone, to buy/sell property, renovate/decorate an existing space, consider how career changes could affect the living situation, or how changes within the family could affect professional plans. Leo may also be assessing if they are ready to start a family. October, November and December will play out on the home front.

Overall, Leo wants to link closely with someone special and sink roots into a place that serves as foundation to career changes. To help energize their Creativity + Confidence, Leo can include golden Citrine and bronze Tiger's Eye gemstones in their daily ritual. These gemstones vivify the solar plexus chakra or energy center where self-radiance is stored, and are good for anyone intending to step more fully into their personal power: www.livesymbolik.com/all-jewelry/leo-necklace-energy-stack-set

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