LIBRA 2018 Horoscope

LIBRA (September 23rd-October 22nd)

Libra is the partnership sign of the zodiac. Ruled by planet Venus- governess of love and beauty- this air sign seeks harmony, aesthetic and balance in its connection to people and things. Libra represents the energy that we each possess to bond. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Libra blossoms this year.

Saturn, the responsibility planet, establishes roots in the domestic house where Libra focuses on creating a nest or family from 2018-2021. Complemented by the presence of Jupiter- the growth planet- in the financial house, Libra might be saving to buy a home, purchase/sell property, invest in renovating/decorating property, or receive money from their family. 2020 will ultimately be the capstone year for family, home or real estate.

For single Libra, the dating scene will have ups and downs this year like the on-off button of a light switch. A strong interest in getting out there, or perhaps even meeting someone of interest, may arise around January-February. However, things may fizzle out by March-April. If the interest does survive, then check again by July-August for another turning point. In fact, it is possible that Libra may withdraw entirely from romance and socializing during the summer because of feeling disappointed by Cupid’s aim. For single Libra this is a year of flirtation and dating, rather than long-term commitment.

For involved Libra, look out for surprises in your personal life around Superbowl week and Valentine’s week as an eclipse series lights up the houses of creativity, romance and children. Libra might plan something with their sweetheart, or engage in socializing as a couple. Libra could also have babies on the brain, either their own or a partner’s. After the early year swooning, minor tension could flare up in relationships from March-May as a Mercury Retrograde cycle forces honest conversations.

Money is the hot topic during holiday season as Venus, planetary ruler of Libra, goes Retrograde or backwards through the financial house October-December. Feeling that you are overspending, don’t have enough money to meet your needs, or are assessing various income streams is the focal point. Don’t be surprised if some financially-related contracts fall through, or you choose to withdraw from them, in December.

Overall, Libra magnifies their resources through domestic endeavors and family bonds this year. To help foster Love + Beauty, Libra can include pink Rose Quartz gemstone in their daily ritual. Rose Quartz gemstone invites emotional receptivity to the heart chakra or energy center love permeates, and is good for anyone intending to foster meaningful relationships:  

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