PISCES 2018 Horoscope

PISCES (February 19th-March 20th)

Pisces is the compassionate sign of the zodiac. Ruled by planet Neptune, mythological god of water, Pisces is noted for being imaginative, eclectic and deeply feeling. Like water itself, Pisces dissolves conventional boundaries by absorbing everything in its wake. Pisces represents the energy that we each possess to empathize and dream. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Pisces makes waves this year.

Quietly planning to transform their work situation, Pisces leverages education, travel and international connections to create diverse job options. The first quarter of the year has Pisces thinking about finances as it relates to work; are you getting paid enough, or what is the energy cost of getting paid? By summertime Pisces might be ready to ditch one income source for another, or perhaps pursue side gigs to add extra pocketbook padding.

Saturn, the resourceful planet, assesses alliances for their utility so Pisces will be searching for a social or professional group that shares common values and translates those interests into practical opportunities over the next three years. If Pisces feels disassociated from the interests or values of a current group, or office politics are strong, this may be the underlying motivation for seeking new work.

Meanwhile, Jupiter- the growth planet- emphasizes learning and exploring so consider certification in an expertise area, or teaching others about what you know to position yourself as the authority on your interests. You may even be traveling for these pursuits. In about a year’s time these efforts will help you look like a valuable knowledge expert for any work opportunity.

For some, business contracts or legal negotiations will play a role in their evolving story. Likely they are work-related, but it is possible that Pisces could also be addressing lease considerations for a living situation.

It is best for Pisces to make forward strides in their life during the first half of 2018, as Neptune- their planetary ruler- goes backwards from June to November. The March 17th New Moon is the best time for setting intentions and trying new things; the August 26th Full Moon is best for sizing up the status of the situation and making directive calls. Beware that this December will repeat situations that occurred in the career from December 2017- what was happening at work last holiday season? Anticipate similar scenarios, but approach them with different strategies. Pisces may not fully actualize their changes in career, location or love until 2019 when Jupiter boosts their sign.

Overall, Pisces dreams of rewarding work that is fueled by a community of fellow learners this year. To help foster their Imagination + Compassion, Pisces can include blue Aquamarine gemstone in their daily ritual. Aquamarine gemstone harnesses the fluidity and imaginativeness of Pisces, and is good for anyone intending to bring fantasy into reality.

To specifically enhance their ability to reach into their imagination, Pisces can wear the Aquamarine gemstone energy stack around their wrists. The energy stack of seven gemstone strands aligns the seven energy chakras or centers in the body, amplifying the spiritual qualities represented by their zodiac sign: www.livesymbolik.com/all-jewelry/energy-stacks-pisces

To specifically activate their compassionate nature, Pisces can wear the Aquamarine necklace which hangs precisely at the heart chakra. The Quartz pendulum (clear) at the necklace base possesses piezoelectricity, or the ability to transform electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy, working with the signature gemstone and your body to literally shift the energy of the surrounding space to match your own: www.livesymbolik.com/all-jewelry/necklaces-pisces  

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