SAGITTARIUS 2018 Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd-December 21st)

Sagittarius is the gypsy sign of the zodiac. Ruled by expansive planet Jupiter, this fire sign eternally seeks to broaden its horizons. The wanderlust may travel, play sports, and study, teach or write about its many knowledgeable finds. Sagittarius represents the energy that we each possess to have faith. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Sagittarius chases inspiration this year.

Sagittarius gets serious about money and material resources over the next three years as Saturn, the responsibility planet, reviews the financial house from 2018-2021. Sagittarius might already be planning breakout moves behind the scene that could capitulate during 2019. This is an excellent year for soul-searching, strategizing or putting initial pieces into place that could springboard success.

Information gathering or, perhaps, information promoting plays an important role in Sagittarius’ plans for establishing material comforts. On the receiving end, you might take a course or receive advanced certification in an expertise, have pivotal conversations or encounter information that helps shape your perspective about future endeavors more wisely, or sign a contract that furthers your goals. On the giving end, you might be educating others about your expertise or leveraging media resources to advance your cause. Either way, pay attention to February and July-August for situations surrounding essential information.

Romance may take a backseat as broader life goals and financial aspirations ride shotgun this year. For the single Sagittarius, casual dating may experience unexpected glitches in March-April and again in November-December when a Mercury Retrograde cycle affects the fire signs. The single Sagittarius may not be too concerned, however, since serious dating is not their current priority. For the involved Sagittarius, a partner may express being disgruntled by the lack of romantic initiative as your focus is elsewhere.

Jupiter, planetary ruler of Sagittarius, goes Retrograde or temporarily backwards from March 4th-July 10th encouraging you to thoughtfully sow the seeds of progress that have already been planted in the early part of the year. Harvest connections, wrap up details, continue deepening opportunities—don’t keep rushing to the next thing. Tend to the garden in front of you before searching for greener grass.

By year’s close, Sagittarius will briefly pause to reconsider their life plan before fully committing to it in 2019. What happens if you finally get what you’ve been planning for? Wishes fulfilled could actually be quite an overwhelming thought. Sagittarius may especially have to make decisions regarding location and/or romance in November-December.

Overall, Sagittarius plans to reap their riches across the map this year. To help foster their Wisdom + Worldliness, Sagittarius can include purple Amethyst gemstone in their daily ritual. Amethyst gemstone illuminates the crown chakra or energy center that connects to divine intelligence, and is good for anyone intending to broaden their cosmopolitan nature:   

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