TAURUS 2018 Horoscope

TAURUS (April 20th-May 21st)

Taurus is the investor sign of the zodiac. Quality, comfort and glamour are important to the cosmic banker who possesses impeccable taste alongside remarkable business acumen. Ruled by sensual planet Venus, herald of beauty and money, this earth sign bridges the intangibility of attraction with tangible manifestations. Taurus represents the energy that we each possess to seek pleasure. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Taurus hungers for greater bliss this year.

Uranus, the freedom planet, enters your zodiac sign in 2018 heralding a seven-year era of visionary awareness, independence, and creative disruption. Taurus is ready for radical changes that accelerate your game, something to stand out from the pack! What facets of life need a facelift? Think back to situations from 2011-2012: did you move to a certain place, commit to a job or relationship, pursue a dream? 2018 may revisit similar scenarios with the opportunity to choose different outcomes.

Love is the highlight topic for 2018 as Jupiter, the growth planet, graces the partnership house. For the single Taurus, creating meaningful connections is a top priority. For the involved Taurus, determining next steps of the relationship will be critical- especially if a shared home or mutual family matters are intertwined. All Taureans may be waiting to see if relationship needs congeal with professional goals as you anticipate career and/or domestic changes. Events occurring in late January/early February foreshadow domestic situations that resurface during summer and crescendo by holiday season.

Career demands may challenge domestic bliss during July and August. Perhaps there is just a lot going on at work or regarding home + family matters, or maybe there are bigger considerations such as a potential move or job change.

Taurus must address issues surrounding love in October, November and December when Venus- governess of love & money- goes Retrograde or backwards through the partnership house. Single Taurus may not be in the right location to find their beloved, or may be so focused on making money that it leaves little room for romance. Involved Taurus may be deciding how material resources need to be distributed so each feels equally invested in the partnership. Involved Taurus might also be torn between pursuing career/financial dreams and relationship hopes. In the Fall, everyone should watch out for old issues or former flames from late summer resurrecting.

Overall, Taurus craves connections that open life to pleasures better enjoyed together. To help direct their search for Substance+ Style, Taurus can include green Prehnite gemstone in their daily ritual. Prehnite opens the heart chakra or energy center where love and reward are received, and is good for anyone intending to enhance their health, wealth and wellbeing.

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