VIRGO 2018 Horoscope

VIRGO (August 24th-September 22nd)

Virgo is the helper sign of the zodiac. Regarded for its diligence, Virgo believes that fine workmanship speaks for itself. The busy planet Mercury accompanies this earth sign in its endeavor to improve a cause, relationship, or even the whole of humanity. Virgo represents the energy that we each possess to make the world a better place. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Virgo seeks improvement this year.

Jupiter- the growth planet- elevates the information house during 2018 so legal dealings, business contracts, personal contracts and the gathering of information will be of highlighted importance. There is the possibility for local travel or a sense of movement/busyness in to accomplish these things, and Virgo’s everyday surroundings and schedule may shift somewhat as a result.

Changes in the work environment may arise such as different schedules, duties, coworkers, office surroundings, work location or even job. Some may even acquire a part-time job or part-time transfer to a new location. Perhaps the reverse is true in that you will be the one acquiring a new tenant or employee in your current location. Virgo may also be interested in incorporating wellness elements into their daily work such as bringing healthy food to the office, adding plants in their work area, making more time for breaks, or working outside sometimes.

As Saturn- the responsibility planet- moves into the creativity house, artistic, entertainment or entrepreneurial aspirations may figure into work life considerations from 2018-2021. Starting this year, Virgo may be interested in carving out more time to pursue a hobby, start a business, or destress from demanding duties through mind-body-spirit balancing activities.

The March 1st Full Moon is an excellent time to check on your work-lifestyle balance and overall sense of wellbeing, and then plan for new beginnings in those areas at the September 9th New Moon.

Mercury, planetary ruler of Virgo, goes Retrograde or backwards through the fire signs this year meaning your will get fired up about topics you are most passionate about. This may create conflict with others who do not share the same viewpoint or wish to avoid impolite controversy, so Virgo will have to garner courage in speaking up. On a practical level these hot topics may include issues surrounding money/property, office politics, or home/family. On a philosophical level these hot topics may include country politics (especially related to family rights, immigration or relations to your home country if it is beyond borders), taxation and large financial institutions/financial crimes, and spirituality. Be the change you seek!

Overall, Virgo wants greater wellness in their work and everyday surroundings this year. To help energize their Discipline + Precision, Virgo can include moss green Labradorite gemstone in their daily ritual. Labradorite gemstone hones insight, and is good for anyone intending to support their vision with discipline:  

Let’s schedule some sacred time together! This general horoscope is intended to provide overall guidance for each zodiac sign. When you're ready for more self-discovery, let’s create a personal horoscope based on your unique birth information that can provide instant insight into changes in the life ahead and when those changes might occur. Discover your path, and set the right intentions. I’m here to help: