SCORPIO 2018 Horoscope

SCORPIO (October 23rd– November 22nd)

Scorpio is the power sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet Pluto, mythological god of the underworld, this water sign senses what lies beneath the surface. Penetrating intuition enables Scorpio to see right through facades into the heart of the matter. Scorpio represents the energy that we each possess to go deep. The transiting, or moving, planets in the sky tell us where Scorpio follows its instincts to this year.

2018 is the year of personal empowerment as Jupiter, the growth planet, illuminates your zodiac sign. October 2017-November 2018 is a fortuitous time for expansion, movement and change. When Jupiter transits through your zodiac sign it is considered a “lucky” influence so be encouraged to take risks, go on adventures, pursue big dreams and break out of the comfort zone. This transit is common for relocations/moves, falling in love, significant travel, and life-altering enhancements such as starting a business or adopting a child etc. Go big!

Location, location, location- as the saying goes, Scorpio might be wondering if they are in the right spot to pursue their dreams. Especially as it relates to love and career, the urge to find new roots is strong. If Scorpio does decide to move or buy/sell property, 2018 is the prime year for doing so. Otherwise, wait until 2021.

A need to rethink the career strategy arises in July-August, though Scorpio already suspected at the beginning of the year that these situations would surface. Pay attention to instincts surrounding career and home matters during the New Years to Valentine’s timeframe as those will capitulate by summer. A work contract or lease contract may come up for review as soon as springtime. June, July and August could prove stressful in family relations or within a living situation. It is well advised to get commitments in writing through formalized legal or business contracts as Saturn, the responsibility planet, solidifies the information house of your horoscope.

Love becomes a priority in 2018, and it is possible Scorpio may be making decisions about love and location that are intertwined. For the single Scorpio, romance becomes more available to you May-October. Traveling or taking group classes can help put you in the environment of a potential sweetheart. You may even fall for someone who lives elsewhere. For the involved Scorpio, you are assessing if the relationship still gives you freedom to grow or, better yet, someone to grow with. If so, Scorpio might be ready to marry or increase investment in the relationship. If not, Scorpio is ready to break away. For everyone, October-November will be the romantic decision-making period.

Think back to what was happening in your life around 2005/2006: were you choosing a certain career path, partner, moving, hobby etc? That was the last time Jupiter was in your zodiac sign, so similar changes may occur again in 2018. Learn from the past and move towards the future.

Overall, Scorpio seeks expansion through trekking daring horizons this year. To help foster their Power + Intuition, Scorpio can include dark Smoky Quartz gemstone in their daily ritual. Smoky Quartz gemstone heightens intuition and dispels negative energies, and is good for anyone intending to hone their inner compass to act strategically.

To specifically enhance their ability to reach for goals in personal power, Scorpio can wear the Smoky Quartz gemstone energy stack around their wrists. Each energy stack of seven gemstone strands aligns the seven energy chakras or centers in the body, amplifying the spiritual qualities represented by their zodiac sign:

To specifically activate the love and reward energy center, Scorpio can wear the Smoky Quartz necklace which hangs precisely at the heart chakra. The Quartz pendulum (clear) at the necklace base possesses piezoelectricity, or the ability to transform electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy, working with the signature gemstone and your body to literally shift the energy of the surrounding space to match your own:

For full empowerment, wear the combined Smoky Quartz stack + necklace set to increase energy flow throughout the body and surrounding space enhancing the manifestation of your spiritual intentions into reality:

Let’s schedule some sacred time together! This general horoscope is intended to provide overall guidance for each zodiac sign. When you're ready for more self-discovery, let’s create a personal horoscope based on your unique birth information that can provide instant insight into changes in the life ahead and when those changes might occur. Discover your path, and set the right intentions. I’m here to help: