AUGUST 2019 Horoscope

What is your purpose? What should you be doing with your life? Leo season activates our personal power to be creators, to be individuals. During the months of July and August, the Sun passes through the constellation of Leo—the fifth station of its 360-degree annual trek across the Earth’s ecliptic. Leo follows Cancer in the zodiac calendar, continuing the summer season when life becomes established. With basic safety and security established during Cancer, Leo moves beyond mere survival into individual development. Leo focuses on cultivating and showcasing the unique traits that enable one to thrive. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun- the brightest star at the center of our solar system around which all life revolves. The Sun symbolizes our inner light, our central mission, our reason for living around which the rest of our life orbits. During Leo season, the planets highlight where we have an opportunity to shine…

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ARIES/ARIES RISING: You have an opportunity to shine socially and entrepreneurially. You might be creating, performing, or celebrating, so step confidently into center stage. Letting your light shine draws the right attention which in turn helps spread the good word about who you are, what you are doing, and may open doors for advanced opportunity. What has been created or a social connection that has been made may carry over into your work later this month. Remember, fun is good for your health! In fact, showcasing what makes you unique also makes you invaluable.

TAURUSTAURUS RISING: You have an opportunity to shine at home. Take time to rest, retreat, reconnect or redesign- your private side is full of possibility. You have been busy planning breakout moves in career and finance, but now take a break to refill your cup, enjoy your sanctuary, or tend to loved ones. It could also be that you are assessing if your current home or location is aligned with near-term plans. Feeling grounded will enhance your ability to make practical decisions and increase stability in your relationships. Later in the month you’ll be feeling more social. In fact, you may soon invite others into your home to get closer or certainly you will go out socializing with a specific strategy in mind.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: You have an opportunity to shine in conversations and negotiations. Perhaps you need to speak up for yourself or share an important idea. You might even have the chance to speak up on behalf of someone else or promote their worthwhile ideas. This is an excellent time to finalize documents, clarify discussions, or wrap up repairs still hanging over from July. Your ability to express yourself and make informed decisions will enhance a romantic relationship, customer relationship, or benefit you in interpersonal interactions. Later in the month, your home or family will require attention so nurture your nest and those in it. In fact, your knowledge, communication skills and ability to negotiate may come in handy when dealing in the domestic sphere.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: You have an opportunity to let your talents shine and be compensated for it. Your financial picture is becoming more stabilized, especially after July. You have valuable skills, remember to charge what you’re worth. Remember also to value your time, energy and happiness during the process of money making (some things may just cost you too much sanity to be worth it!). Your highly prized talent and financial savvy will enhance the type of work you do or enhance your job opportunities. Later in the month, knowing your worth and financial standing will help you feel more confident about speaking up or negotiating with others.

LEO/LEO RISING: You have an opportunity to shine. Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury and a recent Full Moon all align in your zodiac sign to make you magnetic. What do you want others to see about you? Take care of your body and appearance, people are noticing you. Its also an excellent time to make personal appearances- others are significantly influenced by your solar light right now. Don’t be surprised if romance is on the radar. If your love life was turbulent last month during Mercury Retrograde, it gets back on track now. In fact, your personal presence could produce a social opportunity, moment of stardom, or admirers. Later in the month, you may have a chance to get paid for your presence, monetize a standout skill that only you possess, or charge more due to your enhanced public image.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: You have an opportunity to shine by using your intuition. Your inner voice has gently been nudging you towards certain directions and you’ll benefit by trusting your instincts; this might be particularly related to a work or domestic situation. You might take some time behind the scenes to retreat, reflect and reorient. Nobody has to watch your inner process, they’ll know soon enough by the results. Your intuitive hunches might improve things with your family or household. Perhaps your intuitive hunches are even regarding your location itself. Later in the month, trusting your inner voice will help you step out more confidently into the public eye with fresh ideas or a renewed version of yourself.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: You have an opportunity to shine in social situations. You are influential in friendships and poised for making connections, so plan on accepting social invitations or sharing your ideas/work with groups of people. You may be either the giver or beneficiary of knowledge or opportunity when placed in the right setting. However, how it enhances your life may not be immediately apparent. Later in the month, you’ll slow-cook this golden nugget as you take time to ponder how it could be leveraged down the road to advance changes you are wanting to make in your job or financial picture.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: You have an opportunity to shine professionally. Let your life purpose be expressed strongly through your career choices this month. As your accomplishments gain momentum, your reputation increases. This is an excellent time to make sure that bosses or industry leaders are hearing about your good work; prestige will eventually plump your pocketbook. Later in the month, you’ll receive invitations to network in the presence of people who could help make you money or potentially lead you to a romantic connection. In fact, it may be your professional cache that wins you the invite in the first place.

SAGITTARIUSSAGITTARIUS RISING: You have an opportunity to shine in teaching and storytelling. Let your life purpose be expressed strongly through how you spread the word this month. Knowledge is valuable, so find opportunities to enlighten others about your unique expertise. Writing a blog, posting a video on social media, teaching a seminar, a sales call with a customer or even informal storytelling during personal encounters with people- any opportunity to share insight that you own. This will enhance the new directions you are taking with your work. Traveling could also be a way to spread the message faster and farther. Later this month, career opportunities start popping up. In fact, it’s your wisdom that wins people over and turns them into believers in your business.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: You have an opportunity to shine in money matters. Wealth-building strategies are a focus as you assess and direct various income sources, pay off debts, or consider investment opportunities. Your ability to monetize skills, ideas or resources will enhance something you have been quietly building behind the scenes and establish greater psychological security. It could also be that a crisis or melodrama draws you closer to a partner, offering a moment of greater trust and intimacy between you two. This would be an excellent time to amplify your sex life. Later in the month, traveling could be an option so plan a trip if possible. In fact, a financial opportunity could be the reason for your trip or perhaps newly acquired extra monies fund your fun excursion. Be open to a sexual encounter on your trip, or take a lover with you.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: You have an opportunity to shine in relationships. Let your life purpose be expressed strongly through how you choose to interact and with whom. Your friendships or romances may have recently been tested, which also opens new doors- it might be time to engage with new people or change how you are interacting with familiar ones. Keeping your bigger dreams in mind, consider how who you keep in your circle influences that direction. Later this month, your focus shifts to money making potential that leverages the ideas, resources or connections of others. In fact, it could be your friend or lover who is the missing link.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: You have an opportunity to shine at work. Let your life purpose be expressed strongly through daily dedication to your craft this month. You might be balancing multiple work projects or several jobs right now, but collectively it all contributes to how you are expanding your overall career direction. This is an excellent time to more clearly define your schedule, expected outcomes, or relinquish unnecessary duties so you feel inspired- not crazy- while wearing many hats. Later in the month, a business partnership or romantic relationship gains energy. It will be the clarity you create around your daily craft that helps create time and space for this alliance to bloom.

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