JUNE 2019 Horoscope

Magic words for getting anything you want? Gemini season from May 21st– June 22nd analyzes our thought and communication patterns. Gemini is the third station in the sky. Gemini arrives when the life forms which bloomed under Taurus now leave the nest; becoming independent, capable, exploratory and proliferating. It’s the time in nature known for “the birds and the bees”, when life is buzzing around hungry and able to experience other places and forms. It’s a season of movement and pollination, and the reason why Gemini is known as the sign of expression. In our own lives, Gemini season invites us to consider how we are communicating where we are going. Gemini suggests we refine our message- including our inner dialogue- to be intentional in our expression. If we are clear about our intended path, then we might feel imaginative, gregarious, enterprising, and ready to do what we say when under the influence of Gemini. But if we allow Gemini energy to overwhelm us then we may feel overly opinionated, preachy, or even gossipy. Many could even experience a miscalibration of Gemini energy such as not saying what we mean/not meaning what we say, overpromising, speaking without proper facts, or not delivering the message in the best way. Gemini season highlights the area of your life where you may need to shift your mindset, reframe how you’re talking about something, or initiate an important conversation with someone. Read on to discover how you can use the mental + verbal powers of persuasion this month…

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ARIES/ARIES RISING: Express new ideas seeking constructive feedback. You’re gaining wisdom and becoming a thought leader in an expertise. In fact, your personal philosophy may be expanding as much as your professional know-how. Spiritual studies, cultural interests, political perspectives or travel could be somehow informing your career direction. You may soon need to incorporate a coaching/counseling or spiritual element into your personal life and professional work. Consider new ways of communicating your knowledge; present your specialized information in a unique way or utilize a creative platform. You might need to speak with a technology expert, educator, or communication professional to help with this. Perhaps even ask a family member to help or try working from home. June 14th-19th and June 24-26th are the best times for action.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Make money a priority. You’re building material wealth or emotional intimacy, and soon need to leverage social connections to continue blooming. Others observe in amazement as you establish your empire and perhaps even receive the support of a sweetheart. You might need to rethink what you believe is possible for making money; there are unseen ideas hiding in plain sight. Initiate conversations with those in your everyday environment to simply ask and brainstorm what someone might pay for or creative ways to cultivate cash. In fact, total strangers could offer the most objective feedback. If you’re feeling confident, start negotiating with others. You’re most appealing around June 27-28th.

GEMINIGEMINI RISING: Articulate your desired dynamic to a counterpart. Relationships are blossoming, and you may soon need to make business decisions factoring in a counterpart. Others are watching a romance reshape your direction or a professional alliance bring new possibilities to the forefront. Speak up about the value you bring to romances or business partnerships, using the value of your appearance, popularity or creativity to emphasize the point. You may need to reframe your inner dialogue about the influence of a relationship on your goals, and then speak to the partner. A pivot point might include how to share finances or make money together. June 3rd brings fresh perspective about considered possibilities and you begin socializing the idea to your partner June 8-10th and thereafter. Your counterpart may respond with their own idea around June 23rd-24th.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Slow down to go faster. The scope of your work is growing, and you may soon need to learn a related skill, get applicable credentialing, or even hire legal counsel to guide or formalize the expansion of your craft. Others are noticing your dedication to becoming excellent in a given service and that your schedule is increasingly full. You may need to temporarily withdraw from busy daily routines to get in touch with your insight before running the risk of taking on more but without clarity. Let rest and healing be the focus; otherwise, your health may suffer as your body is speaking what your mind is ignoring. Chat with work associates about taking some time off or sharing the workload; you might also wish to speak with a wellness practitioner or spiritual guide to create simplicity amid chaos. Express your needs June 4th-25th and stand your ground June 14-19th.

LEO/LEO RISING: Require others to pay to play. Life is becoming more colorful as you have been expressing your creativity, making time to socialize, and perhaps even enjoying a romance. For some, a child could even be bringing light into your life. Soon you may need to leverage the support and resources of others to continue maximizing your creativity, benefit materially from a love interest, or assist a child’s care. Others notice that you have been having more fun and desire to be part of the exciting new experiences you are creating, so ask them to play a practical role in helping those experiences flourish. You may need to shift your perspective about a friendship, flirtation, or group of people you’ve been closely associating with, and then have an open discussion with them about what you need. It’s okay to quietly arrange resources behind the scenes from multiple sources. The right words come easily from June 26th- July 7th.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: Ask those with experience before you make moves. Your domestic sphere is taking priority and you may soon need to factor a beloved or business partnership into the picture. You might be moving, changing the space within your existing nest, or growing a family, and it could be that a professional alliance or love relationship is the prompting element behind the household shift. Others are noticing that you are unsettled in your current surroundings because you are ready to grow into bigger things. You may need to expand your mindset about professional matters and have a conversation with a boss or industry leader to help guide your decision-making about the next best step. Talk to friends about the plans you are considering, seeing if they can offer helpful connections or sage advice. June 8-10th and the Father’s Day holiday weekend could offer nudges about your direction.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: Be open to differing points of view. Your daily schedule is robust with places to go, people to see, and learning new things by jumping straight into the fire. Something with your job may soon change as a result of this, and it might even be that you will need to adjust your schedule to protect your health and avoid the risk of burnout. Others are intrigued by your bright ideas and wanting to hear more of your perspective, but that also inherently brings some ideological clashes with those who may not yet understand your point of view. Re-think what you think you know about a certain topic, or perhaps reframe how you are explaining it so that its more relatable to those who are resisting. In fact, speaking with those who do not agree with your ideas could offer great wisdom that helps you better understand your topic by seeing all sides of the issue. A ‘publishing agent’- whether an actual professional or a casual friend- could help convey your message such as someone to help explain your point more clearly, say it in another language, provide more facts to back your perspective, or get your ideas online. Energy is on your side June 10-12th.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: Let those who wish to receive contribute. Your bank account is growing as you expand valuable skill sets and services. You may soon need to launch a business, monetize a hobby, or spend money on children. Others have been watching your increasingly abundant resources and want to share in enjoying that prosperity. You may need to shift your mindset about shared resources, both in giving and receiving. It may be that receiving an outside resource such as a bank loan, business collaboration or intimate partnership could help amplify your pot of gold, and/or you may need to become more open to sharing your gold with others. Speak with those who could both contribute to and benefit from your riches. You are most persuasive around June 13-14th.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: Steer your ship but let others help navigate. Your personal power grows as you have increasing faith in your sense of life mission and take on daring new adventures associated with that path. Soon, your home life may need adjusting to support the broader goal to have and do more. A move, job change, or romantic change might figure into the equation. Others have been seeing your growth—how can they keep up or help? You may need to reframe your inner dialogue about a relationship and then speak to a partner, especially about practical or material matters. If your single, it’s an ideal time for meeting a sweetheart whose life is also moving in a more expansive direction. June 17th is key for deciding about the next course of your mission and June 23rd-24th dictates what role a partner could play in that.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Put plans and promises on paper. Your life is shifting behind the scenes and soon you may require further information or formal contracts to lock in the shifts you are carefully constructing. Others might be unaware of the personal, psychological or spiritual expansion going on in your inner world, but they’ll notice as they observe bits and pieces of your outer world strategically begin to maneuver. You may need to open your mindset about a work or health situation, and talk to an employer/coworker or wellness professional about your options. The best resource may be a hidden connection or contact from the past. There is energy around partnerships June 14th-18th, so a romance might be influencing your decisions or teaming up with others could be a wise strategy.

AQUARIUS:/AQARIUS RISING: Get paid for being popular. Your social influence is expanding and soon you may need to monetize your popularity. Others have been flocking to you with collaborative offers, seeking your guidance or tastemaking opinion, and following the trends you set. It’s time to cash in on your network by turning followers into customers or fans into partners. You may need to expand your notion of ‘social support’ to one that has tangible workability. Talk to a friend about going into business together, collaborating for mutual benefit, or openly sharing referrals. You are especially influential around June 19th-20th and June 26th-27th.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: Enhance your presence, literally and figuratively. Career opportunities continue expanding and soon you may need to consider a more ideal physical presence to feed your future—this could be in the form of a better location or enhanced personal appearance. Others have been recognizing your work, and so with all eyes on you its important to position yourself in the likeness of the industry leader you are becoming. You may need to expand your notion of ‘presence’, and possibly talk to family members or a realtor about what role roots play in creating your future. June 14th-17th will be critical in this endeavor and the results will play out from June 21st through Thanksgiving.

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