MAY 2019 Horoscope

Is your “money mojo” rich or poor? Taurus season from April 21st-May 21st influences everybody’s prosperity mindset. Taurus is the second station in the sky. It follows Aries, the first station or ‘sign’ which initiates the zodiac calendar at the Spring Equinox when the Sun perfectly aligns atop the Earth’s equator thus heralding the season of spring that welcomes new life to our planetary ecosystem. Taurus builds upon the seeds of new vegetation and opportunity first budding during Aries, bringing them into full bloom. For this reason, the station in the sky of Taurus has become known as the sign of abundance. In our own lives, Taurus season invites us to assess our resources and appreciate where abundance is in full bloom. Taurus represents the energy we each possess to attract and manifest, and for this reason is symbolized by the psychological archetype of the banker and is often associated with money. Taurus energy might make us feel resourceful, acquisitive, sensual and generous. But if we allow Taurus energy to overrun us then we may feel greedy, overindulgent, possessive or lazy. Some may also experience a rejection of Taurus energy such as shame around prosperity, fear of scarcity, belief that abundance is unavailable to them, or complexes around money. Taurus season reminds us that abundance is simply a matter of perspective, and this month the planets enrich areas of your life ripe for recognizing various forms of wealth and harvesting greater prosperity. Read on to discover your opportunities for May-

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ARIES/ARIES RISING: Find new ways to earn riches. Identify a valuable talent of yours that people would pay for; consider charging more for your product/service or adding bonus value to your product/service to encourage sales; sell unwanted possessions. You are attracting the attention of others during the first two weeks of May when magnetic Venus graces your presentation house, so that’s the ideal time for promoting your image or a product/service with aesthetic value. Give your image a boost especially around May 9th when magnetic Venus trines fortuitous Jupiter. It may be during the last two weeks of May that the tangible results of your efforts manifest. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your sex life! Take time to enjoy intimate pleasure (even if its with just yourself) and consider adding the spice of sex appeal into how you are presenting yourself or your products/services.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Be the star of your own show. Utilize your appearance and presence to influence others by updating your look to convey a character message (ie: if you want the role then you need to look the part) or literally show up to be personally present to people/venues where you seek greater power. Plan your strategy around the May 4the New Moon and use technology to spread your message on May 8th when expressive Mercury aligns with innovative Uranus. The buzz begins building during the first half of the month and bears results from May 15th-June 8th when magnetic Venus makes your irresistibly attractive drawing admiration, romance or funds (or all three) your way. There may be an exciting or unexpected twist in love or a business partnership around May 18th when magnetic Venus aligns with innovative Uranus. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your love life! Take time to enjoy romance with your sweetheart or even invite them to participate in helping achieve your goals; consider adding a romantic aesthetic into how you are presenting your products/services or focus on creating partnerships for your business. If you are single, this is an excellent time for dating.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Retreat, rest, reflect, rejuvenate. Take a break from your exhausting lifestyle and treat yourself to self-nurturing activities during the first three weeks of the month. In fact, it is in quiet time that your best ideas may come forth. Pay attention to dreams, coincidences, or hunches- that is your higher self trying to communicate to your daily self about what is truly the best course of action. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your health! A review of your daily habits might reveal the sneaky subconscious rituals that are taking you off course (such as spending too much time on social media, accepting too many social obligations, not sleeping enough etc) and offer an opportunity to incorporate new fulfilling habits that light up your soul (such as meditation, spending time with your pet, tech-free times, outdoor walks etc). You’ll come back ready to be in the spotlight during the last two weeks of the month starting on May 21st when expressive Mercury and inspirational Sun align at the forefront of your horoscope.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Ride the wave of others to help make your own. If you’ve been feeling energetically depleted you can borrow the energy of others by socializing during the second half of this month. Connecting with friends or attending events will help add some bounce to your vibe, and even push you to try new things in your business or personal life- especially from May 15th through next month when action-oriented Mars blazes into your horoscope. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Fun! Make time for play or find subtle ways to make the daily grind feel like a game. Appreciate the little things that make you smile or bring out your inner child. Even your business will be more successful if people have fun working with you.

LEO/LEO RISING: Share your light and be recognized as a leader. Publicly promote your successes to others (with a bit of humility!) -especially a boss or fellow industry leaders- so people can see you as a trusted resource and the very best at what you do. Position yourself as a tastemaker or measure of industry standard. This prestige makes people want to do business with you or offer you advanced opportunities. Use social media or group organizations as a platform to gain exposure and network with prospective contacts. May 10-11th are your most luminous days. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your home and family! Amid a very public month, create space in your schedule for quality family time, invite a relative to be your ‘date’ to a business or social event, or even let family members help with achieving your goals. Quality time alone at home could also provide the perfect respite for your very public persona.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: Broadcast your knowledge and learn what you don’t know. By educating others about your area of expertise you not only improve people’s lives but inherently inspire them to work with you. Launch a podcast, publish an article, film a video, offer a class, or post on social media. And remember to keep learning too- one can only continue to an expert if you are consistently updated, so you might also consider engaging in some of the aforementioned activities (such as reading a book or taking a class etc) to expand your wisdom. You become valuable by being an information resource. May 12-13th are your most cerebral days. Your hidden area of abundance this month? You communication skills! Use your ‘voice’ in a variety of ways to share your perspective and enlighten others’ point of view. Email, text, call, write, or speak as avenues for sharing your voice. It’s also the perfect time to get in touch with old customers or longtime friends you haven’t connected with in awhile.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: Enhance trust and intimacy with others. Creating deeper connections with partners comes when we offer something valuable or vulnerable to us and also carefully cradle something that is valuable or vulnerable to them. Trust something special with someone special and observe their response. This will be an indicator if you can trust them further and will also be an indicator that you are invested in them. This is relevant to both personal and professional partnerships. The most crucial time in your partnerships will be May 14-15th. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your money and possessions! Respect your belongings and appreciate the value of your things; this will help you recognize that you already have plenty. When you function from an abundance mindset you might also feel generously inclined to use your assets to help another.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: Fall in love or build a business partnership or build a business partnership with your beloved. Work is important during the first half of the month, but enjoyment and exploration are more important the second half of the month. If you have been busy on the job lately, your heart may be craving a bit of TLC from a lover. In business, you might collaborate with partners in order to get more done. In all areas, notice that when more hearts are involved that greater happiness and prosperity seems to manifest. There may even be an opportunity to take a trip during the second half of the month whether for business or pleasure. The May 18th Full Moon is your most powerful date this month and will reveal progress in a relationship or project which initiated in November 2018. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Yourself! Your appearance and personal presence make a greater impact on others than you realize. Recognize that your looks may help you land a lover or professional opportunity. It could also be that simply showing up for people makes a great impression.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: Do the work. You’ve been feeling inspired, creative and festive lately but now is time to settle into doing the real work it takes to make dreams come true. What has inspired you recently, and what steps need to be taken for you to make something of that? Having a plan, being thorough, and being committed will not only bring you practical success but also inspire others to take you seriously. Be proud of your diligence and know that things will fall into place over time- not by magic, but by your own hand. The best days for ironing out the details are May 19th-20th. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your backstage prep! You’ve got the peace-of-mind, calm, and cool to make big things happen without anyone ever seeing you break a sweat. Take quiet, isolated time for working on your dreams and soon everyone will be dazzled when you pull back the curtain.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Celebrate. Go on vacation, attend a party, plan a date, have a drink. Lots has been changing in your home and work situations, so the universe is giving you a cosmic party pass to take a break. Live a little! Especially around May 7-9th when magnetic Venus trines responsible Saturn. Some romance or casual sex might also help loosen up your tense energy. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your friends! Lean on the people who love you to help pull you out of your funk. Friends might offer a sage piece of advice that helps shift your mindset or might be holding the cosmic party pass for you. Take time to appreciate the huge support system you’ve already got.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: Nurture your nest. This month you are invited to get closer with family members by working with them or completing tasks together. In fact, a family connection might even add luster to your career or reputation. Talk to family about your ambitions around May 8th when expressive Mercury and innovative Uranus link up and they just might be able to help you realize a previously unseen angle. It’s also a wonderful time for sprucing up the house or hosting a soiree in your abode. If you’ve been wanting to create a more organized home office space May 23rd-25th would be a great time to embark on that project. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your public persona! You project a great public image to others and are recognized more than you think. Take time to appreciate your recent successes and the excitement you feel for blossoming goals. Know that your reputation stands for something.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: Speak up. Your communication skills are valuable- they can help you win clients, make more money, and build/repair relationships. If something is important to you, talk about it. This may be a product/service you believe in, a personal value you hold sacred, an expertise knowledge you intend to share, or line of communication you wish to open with another person. Your knack for honest and confident expression is highlighted around the Memorial Day holiday. Your hidden area of abundance this month? Your wisdom! You have all the knowledge you need to handle delicate situations with the accuracy, clarity and care they deserve. Trust your perspective.

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