OCTOBER 2019 Horoscope

What does your relationship status say about your spiritual status? Relationships are mirrors of ourselves. Who you choose to partner with reflects what you are working on. What makes you fall in and out of love with others is what you are falling in and out of love with in yourself at various stages throughout life. That’s why relationships are always changing- because you are always growing. Libra season from September 23rd-October 22nd influences everybody’s partnership mindset because in the zodiac calendar Libra denotes where we step beyond ourselves to become more involved with others and the world around us. For this reason, Libra is known as the sign of balance- an indicator of how well-integrated we are in our own values as we intermingle with value systems of others. So what are you falling in love with right now? Read on to discover your lovescope (and perhaps peep on a sweetheart)…

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ARIES/ARIES RISING: Do you believe in love? Re-frame your beliefs about romance. This year you’re focused on career advancement through continued education in your expertise, through writing about or promoting your business, and perhaps even traveling for work. On a personal level you are exploring your belief systems, both spiritually and perhaps even reconciling your internal belief systems that have been holding you back. You may be wondering if a romantic partner is in alignment with your evolving belief system, as well as assessing what role they should play in your professional endeavors or public image. Questions between a job and your location, or work hours versus family time, may have even arisen. Before making swift decisions give your relationship greater weight during October, see what your partner could bring to the table if you really leaned on them. For the single Aries, this is a fantastic month for romantic prospecting so get online or get out there. In all romantic encounters, observe from a mature objective perspective your own beliefs about love to note how they may be influencing what you are willing to see about your partner. What’s your role in why your love life is the way it is? The 10/13 Aries Full Moon is the most important aspect for you this month, seconded only by the 9/28 New Moon that recently set the stage. Soon you will be exploring themes around trust and mutual resource management that may confront you with some scary truths about yourself; remember these insights are opportunities to mature your perspective. You may already receive hints about these tension areas of hidden growth when assertive Mars challenges Saturn’s commitments around 10/27.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Duty or I do? There is a fine line between dedication and obligation. You’re focused on wealth-building this year so the financial and emotional resources others bring to the table should be criterion upon which you prospect romantic partners. However, if out of balance, sexual or material entanglements could tempt you to stay stuck in a loveless union. Explore small acts of daily devotion towards your partner and observe if they respond with gratitude; their reaction to your love language of service helps gauge how much further your investment should go. Or perhaps the situation is reversed in that it is your partner providing the small acts of devotion and your own reaction to the gestures helps reveal if you are really into them or not. On either end, if reactions are enthusiastic and appreciative then this relationship is an ‘I do’ (for now!) but if reactions are begrudging or feel like a mere formality then this romance has unraveled into duty. Soon you will be reviewing whether to keep the relationship (and it’s also possible an ex-flame may suddenly reach out), so it’s wise to gauge how deep the water is already. 10/7-9 and 10/12 could bring surprises or hiccups in romance that foreshadow the direction that’s coming next month. For the single Taurus, work will be busy during October so it may not be until the last two weeks of the month that you even give thought to romance. 10/28-31 has every Taurus re-thinking their romantic philosophy.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Seeking a playmate? Create a relationship with fun. Romance is quite possible this month, so set yourself in the right environment by accepting social invitations, attending parties or events, dining out or hitting up favorite entertainment spots- especially around 10/11 when Venus, the love planet, sparks energy with unpredictable Uranus. Gemini loves having options so there could be more than one love interest, so keep encounters light for now and just enjoy the pleasure of the experience. New flirtations become more serious in November-December. If you do meet someone new in October take it slow; a Mercury Retrograde is around the corner next month so it could mean you will need to gather more information about this person to make a wise decision than was initially presented. For involved Gemini, introduce the element of play back into the relationship by getting out on the town with your sweetheart- especially if you were stuck at home or focused on family matters last month. For all Gemini this is an excellent time to spice up your sex life as Pluto moves ahead in your intimacy house around the first four days of the month. In business, creative or entrepreneurial endeavors gain momentum this month when you focus on having a good time in what you’re doing. Very soon you may be re-thinking a job or your daily schedule to better accommodate multiple projects, so take time now to discover what is truly most enjoyable because that is what will ultimately be most profitable. You may have a flash of genius regarding your craft around 10/7 or 10/15 when Mercury, planetary ruler of Gemini, sparks energy with inventive Uranus and imaginative Neptune. You could be ready to re-think an employment contract, lease or service/schedule structure as soon as 10/31 when Mercury begins its Retrograde cycle.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Ready to shack up? Prepare the love nest. Deciding about a relationship has been a focal point this year, amid perhaps a job change/balancing more than one job or multitasking a busy work schedule. For some it was a process of ending a union or processing the ending of a union. For others it was a process of advancing a relationship to the next step or beginning to date again. This month gets domestic. The single Cancer might retreat to their cave, the natural habitat for the zodiac’s crustacean; try an online dating app so you can surf for love from a cozy couch. If you’ve recently met someone you might invite them over to your place for the first time or introduce them to your family. The committed Cancer might want more romantic nights-in with their sweetheart or be discussing how to share domestic responsibilities. For some Cancerians, discussions about childcare or the prospect of having a baby will become a hot topic next month. Cancer is governed by the Moon which changes positions in the sky every 2-3 days, giving Cancer its reputation for everchanging mood swings. You may wish to evaluate how the fluidity of your moods affects your relationships, especially if you live with someone. Has your partner ever commented that sometimes you’re unpredictable? Becoming aware of how your emotional tides affect your partner and the overall tone of the household gives you more control over creating a healthier relationship. The 9/28 New Moon highlighted your household or family, and the 10/13 Full Moon highlights your career demands. Another New Moon on 10/27 makes you more playful by bringing out your social side. 10/19-21 are also strong for making waves in romance; perhaps take a weekend trip with your sweetheart or take a weekend trip to meet a sweetheart.

LEO/LEO RISING: Time for a talk? Speak words of endearment. Center stage throughout this year is your creativity, entrepreneurship and personal charisma. While most likely you are developing exciting work projects, its possible that romance has blossomed along with the bigger picture. The single Leo isn’t seeking a formal commitment just yet (such as marriage or cohabitation), but you are wondering if this person is a distraction or an addition to your work endeavors. It could also be that a busy work schedule or not feeling the best body-wise has prevented you from dipping into the dating scene. The involved Leo might be wanting their partner’s help with childcare duties or could be seeing if their partner is on the same page about baby prospects. In all scenarios it’s time for a state-of-the-relationship conversation. Especially regarding domestic matters such as your where you both want to live, prospects of cohabitation versus living separately, sharing household duties, child-related issues, travel time versus time spent at home, or sentiments around family members. Leo is the solar fire of the zodiac so you are at your strongest when speaking with warmth, excitement and love. Speak positively to your partner about the future of the relationship just noting that some subtle changes would make you feel even more enthusiastic about where things are going. Show appreciation for generous things your partner is already doing. The success of the initial conversation will dictate if you need to get more stern in a follow-up dialogue or make tough decisions next month when Mercury goes retrograde. For single Leo this is an excellent time to communicate with interesting dating prospects- get online or reach out! Partner dialogue and communication outreach is favored on 10/22-23 when the Moon travels through your sign, and the necessary balance between domestic matters and career demands becomes clear around 10/27-31.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: Are they worth it? Well, you are. Finding your place, and perhaps even founding your family or friendship tribe, is your focus this year. You may have moved, bought/sold property, spruced up your living quarters, been helping family or starting one of your own (be it blood-related or chosen family). Right now you need safety and security. So is your relationship providing that? An existing partnership that’s going well might become more financially involved this month; making money decisions together helps create greater investment between the two of you. Organization, efficiency and honesty always impresses Virgo in love. A partnership that’s on the rocks may have financial disagreements or feel that the partnership detracts from their self-esteem; lying, rudeness or recklessness always disenchants Virgo in love. The single Virgo might be so focused on making money this month that love isn’t a priority. However, investing some of those dollar bills into yourself might make you feel more attractive. Should the single Virgo come upon a casual sexual opportunity this month you are well positioned to take it as the Full Moon fires up intimacy in your horoscope and Pluto emphasizes fun and romance. Virgos might soon be deciding about a business contract, legal agreement or informal understanding so now’s the time to evaluate who/what is worth it to you and what circumstances best elevate your self-esteem. Mercury, your ruling planet, favors you on 10/7 and 10/14-15 and the Moon graces your sign on 10/23-24. You’ll begin the romantic revisioning process on 10/31 when your planetary ruler Mercury launches its last Retrograde cycle of the year.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: Trying to balance ‘me’ versus ‘we’? Love yourself first. This has been a busy year full of multi-tasking numerous initiatives and you may not yet be clear about which juggling ball is going to stick. Balancing career ambitions with domestic demands could feel stressful. You may feel that other people’s needs are pulling you in duplicitous directions, especially if you are currently involved in a romantic partnership. Right now some self-care will improve not only your sense of worth but also your earning potential because you’ll be bringing your best self to the table. If last month there were some hidden tensions, October is the time to let them go by asserting your desires openly with others. While Libra is the relationship-oriented sign remember that it’s partner sign across the zodiac wheel is individualistic Aries’; take a lesson in the ‘me first’ attitude from across the cosmos. The 9/28 Libra New Moon is excellent for promoting your point of view or indulging in self-care regimens, particularly grooming your appearance. For the single Libra this is also excellent for flirtation or dating because you are being noticed more. Balancing your personal desires with domestic duties comes into focus around 10/1, 10/7 and 10/14; you might be wanting to move/recently moved, be wondering if your current location is the right romantic nest or wondering about the location of your business, be wanting to start/focus on a family or be wondering about your relationship with household members. Very soon you will be re-thinking money matters, investments and joint resource entanglements, or how something/someone is affecting your self-esteem. It’s a good time to get centered in your personal desires now, especially if the upcoming changes will be connected to a romantic or business partnership. For all Libra you may have to get over the fear of not being liked in order to pursue what is really in your best interest. Learning to be the ‘me’ within the ‘we’ is Libra’s ultimate spiritual lesson.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: Can you let it go? Clear the deck or clear the air. Money making is your priority this year so you may have taken a raise or promotion, started a side hustle, made a big investment or be balancing multiple income streams. Romance should help, or at least not hinder, you making bank. You might pick a partner based on their resources or their ability to elevate your success. Careful, however, that these same material triggers aren’t what keep you trapped in an unhappy involvement. If a relationship starts demanding more effort to the point where it detracts from your bankability, you might consider cutting ties to pursue success on your own. In fact, you may already want to ditch the duo want to shift the intensity of the commitment so you can explore more of your own goals right now. This month’s planets suggest you are scheming behind the scenes in business and love; you might need to clear the air with your sweetheart about how you’re really feeling so you can re-focus from the relationship back on your goals, or perhaps you are silently preparing an escape strategy. Speak up around 10/7 and 10/12, then move to organizing resources on 10/14-20. The single Scorpio is in its element this month as Venus, planet of love and money, sizzles in your sign throughout October. Single Scorpio is well positioned for a hot new romance or saucy sexual encounter around 10/28-30; but keep it a secret for now and don’t dive in too fast. Scorpio is the sign of sex, power, secrets and control so keep your involvements under wraps through the end of November. You might soon clear the deck of romantic prospects altogether to play the field fresh, so don’t get overinvested. All Scorpios are most powerful at the 10/27 New Moon in your sign, with 10/30 and 10/31 being the next most critical days.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: Falling in love or running for the hills? Having options helps. This is YOUR year, Sagittarius! Jupiter, your planetary ruler, takes the reins throughout 2019 encouraging you to take risks that expand your horizons. Capitalize on this expansive energy to have more success in business and love. In fact, it could make your plate feel a bit too full at times, but you’ll manage it well because Sag loves having options. Saturn has encouraged you to take your financial strategies seriously starting last year, continuing this year and piquing next year. However, the added ingredient this year is that you may be beginning or ending a significant relationship. In fact, you may have several romantic interests from which to choose, although advancing your pocketbook power remains the priority focus. Social networking is your gold mine in October as the planets light up your affiliations house. You might be hosting or attending parties, professional events or collaborating with others. Socializing provides prime dating targets for single Sag, so anticipate all eyes on you while mingling. Don’t be surprised if social media private messages start blowing up with admirers too. The single centaur is super social around 10/13. The happily involved Sag might introduce their partner to friends, or vice versa, or join a hobbyist group together around 10/16-18. The begrudgingly involved Sag might use social invitations as an excuse to escape their partner or indulge in a tawdry dalliance with a casual friend to spice up their lacking love life. These tactics are mostly likely to occur around 10/29-30. Remember that Sagittarius always cherishes its freedom, so strictly monogamous or highly codependent relationships will send this horse running. Next month you may pull a wild card release of someone or a commitment; for others’ the expulsion will seem to come out of the blue, but for you its been weighing on your psyche privately for quite a while. Whatever the decision, remember that Jupiter favors any risk you take through December.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: In it for the long haul? Invest in success. Pluto pushes you to empower your personal direction in life at this time, starting with career initiative. This has been a year where life may have felt put on pause, that you took time away from your normal activities in favor of some soul-searching or to discreetly devise new plans behind the scenes. You will come back into the center of action in 2020, with the upward strides coming into play as soon as this December. The status of a relationship may factor heavily into your motives this year and next. Capricorn seeks relationships of lasting quality, so give romances time to evolve before making decisions- but also don’t overstay where the investment isn’t mutual. Capricorn is also a status-conscious sign so you may tend to pick partners who are popular, desirable, successful or make you look good socially in front of others. You may also be sensitive to how a breakup would affect the way others see you. Careful to not let the fear of a ‘failed relationship’ be your reason for staying. The role of a relationship in your future or money-making career moves is the focus from 9/28-10/1. You feel most ready to get your life in gear around 10/3 through year’s end, so the beginning of October marks a strong time for ambition and action that will unfold over the next three months. Create an organized plan around your end-of-year goals on 10/7 and leverage friends, social connections or professional affiliations around 10/13 to add momentum to your success strategy. Although things move ahead most of October, the path to getting what you want isn’t without necessary reconfigurations. Next month you will be reassessing a social or professional group involvement, and possibly the direction of a romantic affiliation. In both business and personal the question will be who do you want to be involved with heading into the new year? You may feel the tension around this question building as soon as 10/27 when assertive Mars challenges Saturn’s commitments.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: Reeling in romance? Broaden your net. Aquarius teams up this year as networking, collaborations and community involvements are the golden ticket. However, linkages might be more work related or casual/friendly rather than implying a romantic commitment. Aquarius is inspired by big ideas, making a social impact, pushing the limits of personal potential and indulging in a bit of naughty rebellion just for the thrill of shocking the status quo. 10/7 activates your genius so get working on exciting initiatives. Because you value independence, romance is best approached at a distance with incrementally increasing intensity or approached with an exit strategy in mind from the start. The planets light up your travel and learning arenas during October, so a trip could afford you a romantic rendezvous (most likely a work-related or goal-oriented trip rather than pure vacation). The weekend of 10/12 is great for taking the trip or actively planning it. Cultural events (never know who bought the seat next to yours), education events (nab a ‘study buddy’) or sporting events (blood is pumping already) also make target-rich environments. For the Aquarius more serious about relationships, this is an excellent month to study about the subject of love by reading psychology books, listening to TEDx talks or podcasts, and even brushing up on astrological knowledge of how the various zodiac signs act when in love. A more objective understanding of your own patterns in love would help you greatly next year when you are more strongly positioned for partnership. In business this is an excellent month for teaching, writing, speaking, traveling or promoting yourself on social media. Next month you might be re-thinking your overall career strategy, taking time off work or even changing jobs so wisdom gained in October will help you feel more secure about professional moves. Hints about this change of course start arriving around 10/28.  It could be too that soon you’ll be reevaluating how a collaboration or involvement is affecting your reputation or career goals; this is especially true if it’s also romantic.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: Too tired to tantalize? Give in, stop giving. Career changes and designing a new definition of what ‘success’ means to you has been this year’s goal Pisces. You may have changed companies, received a promotion, and enjoyed recognition that comes with additional responsibilities. Because of this, you might also secretly be needing a break. But that feels tricky right now because your trajectory is accelerating; plus, it’s in Pisces’ nature to put the needs and expectations of others first (which you may feel extra obligated to given the privilege of recent opportunities). But there’s no glory in running yourself into the ground. Lean on others, especially lovers, before you run out of steam. Part of deepening intimacy in a relationship is as much about learning to receive as it is to give. Giving comes naturally to Pisces but receiving can be terrifying for this sacrificial water sign. Isn’t it crazy to think that being taken care of by another could be something someone might not want? But for service-oriented Pisces, being on the receiving end might make you feel downright uncomfortable or even guilty. Allowing yourself to feel more intimate with a partner through their acts of caregiving is a test of spiritual growth. In fact, surrendering to the caregiving of another could improve your sex life. Some Pisceans may even lean on a partner’s financial resources for a bit as you explore releasing some of your career demands. How far you give in to a partner reveals how much you trust them. Seek support around 10/9-11 and 10/15. The single Pisces should focus on erotic experiences without expectation this month, perhaps dipping into taboo rituals to channel their creative emotions on 10/21 when seductive Venus trines mysterious Neptune. Soon you may be adjusting some of your beliefs about support systems within relationships; Pisces may also soon be rethinking their travel schedule or teaching/educational involvements. It will be good for you to build extra resources with others now so you feel less afraid of releasing different resources in the next few weeks.

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