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Namaste, I'm Maurielle

A spiritualist, creator, and wisdom-seeker devoted to helping you discover your genius and manifest your destiny.


The universal question we all ponder is “who am I and what role am I meant to play on this planet?” The individual answer rests in determining what you are uniquely called to do and then taking defined action to fulfill that special purpose. My job is to provide a toolbox of mind+body+spirit methods guiding you to ignite your inner brilliance, plan the next move, and deliver your best both personally and professionally.

SYMBOLIK is my contribution to helping each person live as their highest self by experiencing the ancient wisdom of astrology, yoga, meditation and crystals in a modern way. You’ll be happily surprised that spirituality doesn’t have to feel outdated! Through personal astrology readings based on your individual birth date/birth time/birth place, group AstroloChi classes and energy-enhancing jewelry, SYMBOLIK offers contemporary tools of timeless insight to unleash your personal potential. Similar to building a home, self-awareness requires specific tools to create a solid foundation. I offer the tools that enable people to construct a better version of themselves.

In my life before SYMBOLIK, I spent 10 years in the executive coaching industry surrounded by top-performing business elite of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies who were driven to develop their gifts and corporations. Yet these icons of excellence often hit a stonewall in their success trajectory because they felt disconnected from a sense of deeper purpose and questioned whether they were doing the right things at the right time to produce the greatest impact. Traditional psychology and coaching techniques weren’t enough to help these leaders-- the very best had already mastered every trick in the book. My pursuit for potentiality amplifiers turned me to holistic methods like yoga, meditation and astrology that soon revealed deeper insight than traditional techniques alone, and I discovered that mind-body-spirit awareness brought greater fulfillment to individuals as well as improved their businesses. In fact, what I discovered along the way is that everybody-- from executives, artists, athletes, parents, students and aspiring entrepreneurs-- possesses the same hunger for a meaningful life centered around their special purpose.

SYMBOLIK was born from an intention (rather than a product or service) to help you be a conscious creator of your destiny-- because the world needs the gifts and great ideas that your soul was born to deliver. When you begin living like the person you really are, you tap into unique energy that produces wondrous possibilities for yourself and those around you. The only real obligation one has is to fulfill their destiny—and what could be more powerful than that?

Create your universe,

Maurielle Laurenne

Maurielle Laurenne, Owner of Symbolik Spirit Journeys and Sacred Objects.
Maurielle Laurenne, Owner of Symbolik Spirit Journeys and Sacred Objects.

Official Bio

Maurielle Laurenne is the Astrologer + Designer for the soulfulful brand Symbolik. Offering both intuitive insights and sacred objects to seekers from all paths, Maurielle lives the mantra "Create Your Universe" by helping people live outwardly their inner spiritual principles. Her personal astrology readings have guided nearly 600 seekers to find clarity in their purpose and plan for significant life changes, and her sacred crystal jewelry is carried online and in boutiques throughout the United States. In fact, the sacred crystal jewelry collection was scouted by Los Angeles-based RAW Artists who represent top emerging creatives in 60 cities around the world. Maurielle's mind + body + spirit classes have been hosted by trendy venues such as The Elaine Turner Store, The Houston Center For Contemporary Craft, Holbalance Holistic Wellness Center, Body Mind Soul Bookstore, Hotel Ylem, Mod Chic and Mio Boutique. She is an ordained minister of the non-denominational Universal Life Church, officiating spiritual ceremonies from weddings to house blessings. Maurielle serves on the board of directors for The Houston Astrological Society and The Fashion Group International's Houston chapter, and is also the horoscope columnist for a local fashion + society magazine. In 2018 Maurielle was nominated as one of the Top 20 small business entrepreneurs in Houston and in 2019 recognized as a trailblazer in woman-owned business by Voyage Houston Magazine.


"If only we could see each other as we really are in God's eyes, there would be no more war, nor more hatred, no more cruelty, no more greed. I suppose the big problem would be that we would all fall down and worship each other."
-Thomas Merton


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