Readings offer clarity in decision-making by providing instant insight into changes in the life ahead and when those changes might occur. This empowers you to plan for finding the right job, house, partner or big idea. Discover your path, and set the right intentions. 

*When scheduling a session, please provide the following birth information for you and all parties involved: Full Name, Birth Date (MM/DD/YY), Birth Location (city/state/country) and Birth Time (if known).


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Life Path

Natal/Birth Chart: $175
Discover your life’s highest expression. The natal chart reveals core personality aptitudes and potential blind spots, as well as providing insight into the areas of career, home, family, romance, children and health. We will forecast changes in the life ahead, accompanied by a practical calendar of when you can plan for those changes to occur. (Guidance: As the planets in the sky continuously shift, it is good measure to get a calendar refresher each new quarter of the year)

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Find Your Flame: $175
What type of partner would be an ideal fit, and when might you meet that special someone.

Forgive & Forget: $175
Gaining context and closure on past relationships.

Sextrology: $175
Tuning in and turning on to sensual connection.

Synastry: $225
Understanding the dynamics of a romantic relationship with yours and your partner’s chart.

Just The Two Of Us:
     • Basic Couples Session: $225
       One-on-one time, together, with me in a private session.
     • Date Night Experience: $225
       Set the scene for a fun, romantic date night with an entertaining couple’s reading hosted over dinner at the couple’s favorite restaurant. Experience comes with roses, first round of champagne and mini-couples reading with me prior to the main course. When dinner arrives, I will depart leaving you with copies of each other’s natal charts and series of “cue cards” containing sizzling questions for each partner to ask the other based on scintillating insights I specifically gathered from the charts. (*couple is responsible for their own dinner tab)

Girls/Guys Night Out: $225
Mini love and/or sextrology readings for each guest in your group. Everyone receives a copy of their natal chart.

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Engagements & Weddings

Engagements: $175
Pick the right date and setting to pop the big question.

Weddings: $175
Select the day of The Big Day and best ceremony style.

Bachelorette/Bachelor parties: $225
Mini love readings for each guest, and everyone receives a copy of their natal chart.

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Expecting The Stork: $175
Identify prime fertility transits, choose between natural conception/ IVF/adoption options + timing (in collaboration with your doctor).

Elective Birthing: $175
Pick c-section dates (in collaboration with your doctor).

Child’s Horoscope: $175
Understand your child (0-18 years).

Preparing For Parenthood: $175
Discover the pro’s & con’s of your parenting style.

Just Like My Parents: $175
Gain context and closure on parental issues.

The Black Sheep: $225
Assess the charts of everyone in the family to understand family dynamics, why everyone is so different, and identify multi-generational issues.

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Find Your Calling: $175
Explore fulfilling career paths and determine when that next step could be made.

Launch The Big Dream: $175
Determine the most successful date for launching your new business.

Team Building: $225
Mini career readings for each guest on your team, as well as a team composite assessment of how everyone works together. Everyone receives a copy of their natal chart.

Businesscope: $225
Learn your city’s economic forecast for the current hear and how each person in your professional group will fare. Everyone receives a copy of the city’s natal chart.

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Astrostyle: $175
Dressing for your zodiac sign to reflect your true energy and gain power in professional, romantic and social arenas.

Fashion Forecasts: $225
Discover the colors, styles and accessories associated with each zodiac sign for your group’s private guided shopping experience in a hip boutique. Everyone receives a notes packet of style-by-sign.

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Home Sweet Home: $175
Find your best living situation, and when you might move or buy/sell property.

Relocation charts: $175
     • Have a specific location in mind? Determine if moving to this new city will help actualize your intention for moving there.
     • Searching for the prime location to further your professional, romantic, personal or spiritual goals? Determine a selection of several cities that might help manifest your various goals.

Sacred Space: $175
Decorate your home according to your personal horoscope to cultivate your own unique energy within your environment.

Housewarming Party: $225
Entertain housewarming party guests with individual mini-readings. Everyone receives a copy of their natal chart.

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