Pillars of Symbolik

I. Spirituality

Spirituality is the practice of connecting to the divine spark of all potential. It's about recognizing, protecting and cultivating sacredness so it may flower into becoming. Spirituality allows you to participate in writing the history of the world with your own story.

II. Manifestation

Manifestation is taking action to bring into being what is desired. It's about initiative in the present moment to influence the future. Manifestation allows you to be a conscious creator of destiny.

III. Creativity

Creativity is the choreography of energy. It's about putting ideas, people and actions together in a way that results in new expressions. Creativity allows you to influence, guide and shape the unfolding of destiny.

IV. Intuition

Intuition is the universal language. It's about the signs, omens and synchronicities the cosmos uses when communicating to the sacred within the living. Intuition allows you to act in accordance with your divine nature.

V. Beauty

Beauty is divine potential in form. It's about materializing pure essence into unique packages that can be experienced and appreciated by the senses. Beauty allows you to see the perfection in being exactly as you are.


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