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My business and my life have changed for the better

My experience with Maurielle has not only changed my life personally, but her guidance has also enabled me to make many decisions in my business as well. I was quite skeptical at our first meeting, but was pleasantly surprised by her accuracy and how she completely validated some of the decisions I was already contemplating. Utilizing her jewelry to help me reflect on specific areas in my life has been a game changer, too. Ultimately, I'm beginning to understand the astrological significance around me, and it has changed my view on the world. Maurielle is wonderful and brilliant and she has set herself apart in her industry. I'm grateful for the both the education and the friendship I have gained since we've met. 

Kate Davis
Owner of Crescent Creative Group

Guidance that has helped me during the most challenging times of my life

“Over the past seven years, Maurielle’s guidance has helped me make vital decisions during the most challenging times of my life- including support through 3 potentially lethal surgeries to remove a tumor which would have impeded my Olympic dreams. Her calming nature and depth of knowledge is something I rely on most months.”

David Andrew Smith MBE

Nike Athlete, London 2012 Paralympics Gold Medalist, and honored by Queen Elizabeth II as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Centeredness that inspires calmness in others

“Maurielle is an embodiment of attainable feminine divinity. In her readings, presentations and jewelry design, she possesses a centeredness that inspires calmness in others. She represents a grounded link between inner peace and luxury, and opens a door to spirituality for people in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise be seeking it.”

Tara Appleberry

 Feminine Movement Instructor at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor Studio

Connecting on a soul-deep level

“Maurielle uses her superpower of extremely high emotional intelligence to connect on a soul-deep and transformational level.”

Jason Cain

Author of Catalyst: Tools For Behavioral Change And Personal Growth

Spiritual guidance elevates my soul

“Maurielle is a true oracle. Her spiritual guidance elevates my soul- I stand in my power and am ready to shine.”

Breccia Aurora Demartini
CEO + Designer at Demartini The Label

Keepsakes that brings our cancer survivors & fighters courage and love

“Maurielle’s jewelry made for the Jamie’s Hope Charity brings our cancer survivors & fighters courage and love. These precious keepsakes will forever have a special place in their recipients’ hearts.”

Cindy Barnes

Director at Jamie’s Hope Cancer Charity

Insightful and engaging presentation

"Maurielle is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who hosted a program about the intersection of art and astrology for our organization. Her insightful and engaging presentation encouraged our audience to consider astrology though a more reflective and novel lens. I would recommend her to any organization that wants to inspire creative and thoughtful thinking."

Natalie Svacina

Director Of Education at The Houston Center For Contemporary Craft


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